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The Ludwig Von Mises institute of Portugal (“Mises Portugal”) was founded in October of 2014 in order to spread the teachings of the Austrian School of Economics to Portugal. It is an independent organization making up one of the many Mises Institutes now operating in over 20 countries. Mises Portugal is politically independent and funded only by private donations.

The purpose of the Institute is to promote and advance in Portugal the theories of Austrian School of Economics and libertarian political theories. To achieve these goals, the Institute will regularly publish articles on its website It will also hold conferences, educational courses and lectures. The Institute publishes books in Portuguese popularizing economic science and libertarian political theory.

Mises Institute Portugal is named after Ludwig von Mises, a renowned Austrian economist whose biggest contribution was to explain the cause of economic crises and why state’s economic intervention is doomed to failure. The first Mises Institute (to which we have no direct affiliation or formal tie) was founded in 1982 in Auburn, Alabama, USA. Thanks to their great success many other Mises Institutes have been founded in recent years in other countries such as Poland, Brazil, Sweden and Canada.

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