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Manifesto Libertário

 Formato: E-book  Autor: Joaquim Sá Couto  Tópicos: Libertarianismo  Editora: Joaquim Sá Couto  Publicação: 2020  Páginas: 80  Idioma: Português  Etiquetas: Individualismo |  Download  Amazon  Amazon Kindle

Libertarianism is a political ideology that emphasizes individual freedom and has gained advocates, particularly in the USA, since the early 20th century. The term “libertarianism” originally emerged as a banner of the anarchist left in opposition to the authority and power of the State, but it has been co-opted (by figures like Murray Rothbard) by minarchist movements that advocate for the radical defense of civil rights and laissez-faire capitalism.
In this philosophical essay I address the fundamental importance of the cultural matrix in which we live and mature, the relevance of God as a concept of truth and immortality, minarchism as a model of libertarianism, and finally, the need to create opportunities for each individual to develop their own vision of the world.

I am a libertarian because it is the only rational option for anyone who values freedom.

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